Young people have
great capacity to change.


With the right culture and support, people
in prison can turn their lives around.

We’re pioneering the use of professional coaching in prisons.

We work in prisons in London and the South East, running individual and group coaching programmes
that tackle violence, improve the prison environment and reduce reoffending.

Our vision is of a criminal justice system that prioritises rehabilitation.

Our award-winning intervention, The Hero’s Journey, supports 15- to 25-year-olds

to transition successfully from prison to the community.
Coaching helps participants take back control of their own life, make smarter decisions,

and create a healthier, crime-free future.

Why Prisons?

Our prisons are in crisis. They should be places of safety and rehabilitation. But prisons are overcrowded, understaffed, violent and dangerous.


Prisons fail young people the most: 75% of males under-26 reoffend within two years of release.


Too many are getting stuck in negative cycles of crime, damaging themselves and society. A radical new intervention is needed.

Why Now?

Those who end up in prison are also among society’s most troubled and vulnerable, with challenging lives and complex needs.


No one’s future should be predicted or shaped by their past.


We believe in people in prison’s innate potential and their capacity to change.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is grounded in the principle that people must be empowered to help themselves.


The coaching approach equips people with the skills to get themselves ‘unstuck’ from harmful patterns.


It’s a uniquely powerful intervention that can transform lives.