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Consultant: Development of Prisons Advisory Council

About the role:

Spark Inside is committed to ensuring that its programme participants, people who live and work in prison, are at the heart of everything that we do; and that our programmes are co-developed in partnership with them, rather than imposed on them with good intentions.

From inception, Spark Inside has been closely advised by people with lived criminal justice experience. We are now seeking to refine and formalise this advisory work, and establish an in-prison mechanism for capturing the ideas, thoughts and recommendations from our programme participants and stakeholders inside prisons, to inform Spark Inside’s current and future programmes. We are therefore advertising for a consultant to develop and deliver in-prison advisory councils.

This is an exciting opportunity for a ‘service user/participant voice’ expert to further strengthen the voices of the people we work with in prisons across London and the South-East. In order to drive forward the practice of listening and responding to our programme participants, we would like to work with a professional who has experience of setting up successful advisory boards, preferably within the criminal justice system (prisons, YOIs, YOTs, etc).

Funded by The Listening Fund, this role is crucial in helping to shape the organisation at a strategic and operational level, supporting our ethos of putting the people in prison at the core of what we do, in order to have the most impact.


Role type: This is a consultancy role, with working days to fit with the consultant’s project design and needs of the project. Flexibility will be needed to fit in with constraints of working in prisons.

Contract value: Between £12,000 and £16,000 per annum. Applications will be considered on the basis of overall value for money.

Contract start date: Summer/Autumn 2018 (exact date to be confirmed)

Duration of agreement: Fixed-term contract to 31 March 2020

Key deliverables:

  • FEASIBILITY STUDY: Undertake a feasibility study of how Spark Inside could better listen, engage and respond to people in prison through in-prison advisory boards/committees or another means of capturing user feedback (to be driven by the participants in the focus groups). This will include an assessment of how we can develop an in-prison mechanism to:
    • systematically and sustainably gather input from prisoners and prison staff (both individuals engaged in our programmes and those who are new to Spark Inside, the boards/committees will also need to allow for the high turnover of people in prison, and enable both new and returning prisoners to engage);
    • uncover reflections/insights from prisoners and prison staff around programme innovation, engagement, marketing, improvement and development, as well as specific advice around issues in engaging participants from different backgrounds/ethnicities and any issues/insights into what works within a particular prison/YOI (all to help overcome any barriers to engagement);
    • determine how stakeholders could be involved in Spark Inside’s governance, for example through the Board of Trustees or a subcommittee;
    • explore whether these Boards could be self-governing;
    • gain all input sensitively and ethically;
    • best respond to feedback from these boards/committees, so that this can truly influence Spark Inside;
    • share members’ findings to all staff.


  • PILOT: Work with Spark Inside’s Service Delivery Managers to pilot boards/committees (or another means of capturing feedback) in 2 prisons and 1 YOI, gathering qualitative and quantitative evidence on their effectiveness and impact. These groups will meet regularly to provide input to Spark Inside. The Consultant will provide regular feedback to the Senior Management Team on progress and impact. This may include testing out the idea of having Spark Inside ‘champions’ within each prison/YOI who are empowered to become a ‘lead’ voice to encourage other prisoners and prison staff to engage, and/or to influence other stakeholders in the prison (e.g. prison staff) – an approach which embodies Spark Inside’s coaching, empowerment and facilitation ethos.
  • REPORT: Produce a report for Spark Inside’s management team and trustees at the end of year 1, outlining how Spark Inside can roll out in-prison user voice boards/committees in all of the prisons and YOIs we work in.
  • ESTABLISH: In year 2, work with Spark Inside’s Service Delivery Managers to establish effective boards/committees (with associated ‘champions’ if this has been determined to be workable/useful), across all prisons and YOIs we work in.
  • GUIDE & SHARE: Finally, produce a report gathering together all project learning. This report will include an internally focused ‘Guide to Listening’, which will outline a ‘road map’ for us to follow to continue this vital work, in line with Spark Inside’s resources. This report can be shared to other Listening Fund grantees, to funders, stakeholders and other charities at the local level (e.g. in the prisons we work) and at a national level (end of year 2) as an example of best practice. The report will be presented to the Board of Trustees.


Person Specification:

  • Professional consultant, with extensive experience of service user engagement work (preferably to include youth engagement)
  • A ‘listening’ expert, that has strong experience of gathering feedback from vulnerable groups, with a coaching (non-directive) approach
  • Previous experience of working in prisons/YOIs
  • Experience of designing and delivering successful advisory boards/ panels/ infrastructure to capture the user’s voice and engage meaningfully
  • Experience with impact measurement
  • Strong insight analysis skills
  • Previous report-writing experience
  • Excellent communication skills, including ability to build rapport with vulnerable adults
  • Strong organisational and project management skills
  • Patient and flexible, as required to work in a chaotic prison environment
  • Collaborative approach
  • Believes in putting the voice of the user at the heart of the organisation
  • Good knowledge of the criminal justice system
  • Aligned with Spark Inside’s values

Please bear in mind the difficulties associated with scheduling within a prison and with participants (e.g., prison lockdowns are disruptive and unpreventable).


Click here to view the full job description (pdf).


 Application process:
Email Spark Inside with the following information:

  • Your CV, outlining relevant experience
  • A cover letter (max. 2 A4 pages) of how you fit the person specification and what has attracted you to this opportunity
  • A breakdown of expected project costs, including your daily consultant rate

Please email these to quoting Consultant: Development of Prisons Advisory Council in the subject line.

The closing date for submissions is 9am Thursday 26th July. Shortlisted applicants will be notified the next day regarding an interview.

First stage interviews will take place on 1st, 2nd and 3rd August. Second stage interviews will take place on 8th, 9th and 10th August.

We are an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.

Expansion & Partnerships Manager – Social Licensing

About the role:

Spark Inside is looking for a skilled Expansion & Partnerships Manager to lead a new project, replicating and scaling the Hero’s Journey Life Coaching model to more prisons across the country, using a social licensing approach.

We have done some groundwork for a replication strategy and we now want to test the idea of social licensing, allowing the person in the role the space to learn and adapt.

Click here for a summary of social licensing at Spark Inside.

The successful candidate will manage the following processes:

  • Design the model
  • Ensure systematisation of programme operations and processes
  • Recruit pilot organisations
  • Develop pilot materials
  • Run and manage pilot
  • Report on progress
  • Plan for succession

Role type: This is a part-time role, which we expect to be 2 to 3 days per week, but can be flexible, so we are willing to discuss other arrangements

Salary: £40k per annum, pro-rata

Contract start date: Autumn 2018 (exact date tbc)

Contract duration: 2 years fixed-term contract (set-up phase), with opportunity to extend. This post is funded by a private Trust, with the aim to be self-funding, post-pilot

Reporting: This role will report to the Founder & CEO, Baillie Aaron

Management: There is the option to hire specialist consultancy support, if required

Location: Spark Inside’s offices

Travel: There will be cross-country travel as part of the role

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop an excellent understanding of social replication approaches and options
  • Lead the process of replicating our Hero’s Journey programme with other organisations outside London and the South East
  • Carry out market research, using the work already done, to further refine the licensing model to be piloted
  • Work closely with the Head of Finance to further develop the costing elements of the licensing model
  • Design the final replication model in close conversation with the Senior Management Team and Board Chair
  • Conduct the complete manualisation of the strategies, models, systems and processes associated with Hero’s Journey, gathering input from the Spark Inside team
  • Recruit and select 1-2 replication partners for Hero’s Journey
  • Develop a detailed project plan for each partner to track progress and manage resources
  • Work within a given project budget (including travel, in-prison work, and employing contractors for specialised tasks if/when required)
  • Work closely with partners to replicate and set up their Hero’s Journey programmes, including systems and processes
  • Develop training to support partners on quality control processes, enforcing quality standards such as vetting the life coaches, and other areas as identified through needs assessments
  • Manage the replication programme and relationships with partners to ensure a high chance of replication success, including clear communication, smooth operations and high quality reporting and data collection
  • Regularly update the SMT on progress and risk management
  • Collaborate closely with the Spark Inside team to ensure strong internal communication
  • Work with the SMT to design a succession plan by the end of the role for the next phase in the replication strategy

Person specification:

  • Proven track record of successfully managing projects (large and small-scale)
  • Experience of working in a small team
  • Proven track record of leading partnership work with large and small organisations
  • Experience of designing and delivering new projects/start-ups
  • A self-starter, who thrives on taking the initiative, identifying and testing new ideas, and working with a team to create the best solution
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong sales, presentation and facilitation skills
  • Good understanding of quality control, with the ability to inspire others to implement best practice
  • Strong team building/management, and coordination skills, with the ability to delegate responsibilities effectively and coach staff
  • Financially literate, with experience of costing projects
  • An ability to work in challenging and changing environments, and to see through obstacles to find solutions
  • Knowledge of public service delivery environment is desirable

Knowledge of the criminal justice sector is NOT required.


Click here to view the full job description (pdf).


Application process:

Email Spark Inside with the following information:

  • Your CV, outlining relevant experience
  • A cover letter (max. 2 A4 pages) of how you fit the person specification and what has attracted you to this opportunity. We will not consider your application if you do not meet the person specification.

Please email these to quoting Expansion & Partnerships Manager in the subject line.

The closing date for submissions is 11:59PM on 9 th August 2018.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 13th August regarding an interview. First stage interviews will take place on 15 th and 16 th August and second stage interviews on 20 th , 21 st and 22 nd

We are an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.