“Spark Inside’s work is vital and unique. It is the global pioneer in offering life coaching to young people in prison, enabling those facing significant life obstacles to have more fulfilling, purpose-driven futures. Spark Inside provides that rare antidote in today’s complex criminal justice climate: hope.”

David Lammy MP

Our Progress

Our Beliefs

Prisons should prioritise rehabilitation

No young person should return to custody

The past shouldn’t determine the future

Effective rehabilitation
benefits everyone

How We Work

We are dedicated to robustly evaluating our programmes
to help us achieve the best outcomes for young people.

Where possible, we implement all recommendations from
our evaluations to help maximise the impact of our work.

By being reactive to research, we create an evidence-based programme
that best meets the needs of our service users.

Our History


Spark Inside founded by Baillie Aaron, our current CEO.


One-to-one life coaching piloted with eight young people at Feltham and Cookham Wood YOIs.
Independently evaluated by researchers at the University of Cambridge.
Pilot reoffending rate = 12.5%


The Hero’s Journey group workshops created – a softer introduction to the coaching approach.
New format piloted at Cookham Wood YOI, with ten young people. 100% took up one-to-one coaching.
Worked with 134 young people in two of London’s toughest prisons: HMPs Wormwood Scrubs and Wandsworth.


Developed our programme at HMPs Wormwood Scrubs and Wandsworth;
learned one-to-one coaching more effective ‘through the gates’.
Second independent evaluation: reoffending rate = 10%
Expanded to Rochester YOI, HMP Pentonville and Medway STC. Returned to Cookham Wood and Feltham YOIs.
Systems coaching programme piloted at HMPs Brixton and Pentonville.


Delivered The Hero’s Journey at Feltham and Cookham Wood YOIs,
HMPs Wormwood Scrubs, Pentonville and Wandsworth, and Medway STC.
Partnered with The Social Investment Consultancy on impact evaluation.