7 March 2018

“As a fairly new charity, it means a lot to receive this prestigious commendation recognising our impact. We wouldn’t be here today without our prison champions who go above and beyond to support our work. On behalf of our staff and trustees, I’d like to thank the judges for recognising the transformative power of coaching for those who live and work in prison.”

“In an exceptionally strong field, the judges were unanimous in their decision to award Khulisa the first prize for its outstanding work in behaviour change. Tempus Novo were worthy winners of the highly commended prize and we were delighted to award Spark Inside and Anawim well-deserved commendations. My husband Robin thought prison should be a chance to change the direction of a life. These charities are outstanding examples of what can be achieved by helping prisoners to help themselves.”

“Prison isn’t full of bad people. It’s full of people who’ve done bad things and most need a second chance to change their lives”

Robin Corbett