Prisons are violent
and dangerous places.

They don’t help young people
move on from crime.

75% will reoffend within
two years of release.

Young people in the criminal justice system have distinct needs that aren’t being met.

The majority of those who end up in custody are society’s most vulnerable.
They’ve typically experienced challenging and chaotic early lives.

The reoffending rate for young people has remained stubbornly high for years.

The current system isn’t helping them to successfully transition to a crime-free adulthood.

 We urgently need a new approach.

Young People are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system…

0 %
of the population are 18-25 year olds...
0 %
...but they make up 40% of the criminal caseload
0 %
return to crime within two years of release - the highest reconviction rate.

Effective rehabilitation benefits everyone.


When young people come to the end of their sentences, they will return to our communities. They are our family members, neighbours, colleagues and employees.

We all have a stake in ensuring young people leaving custody are equipped with the skills to contribute positively.

When we reduce youth reoffending, we create safer and more cohesive communities. With fewer people committing crime and returning to prison, we also save vital funds that can be invested in other public services.

When everyone is supported to fulfill their potential, together we build a more inclusive and progressive society.