Hero’s Journey™ Impact Report 2016 — 2019

“I’ve learned that if something goes wrong it doesn’t automatically mean that you fail. You’ve never fully failed it’s just a step back. Before I wouldn’t get to that point. I now know how to handle a setback.”

“I was thinking about everything I talked about with my coach and I know you’ve proper woke me up this time. Violence isn’t me. It’s who I am around.”

“Before I was like a headless chicken, but the course helps you analyse your life and understand where your head needs to be – focused, determined and getting the most out of your time here.”

The Conversation Systems Coaching Programme ® (The Conversation) Evaluation

"There has been a change in [young people's] behaviour. I can see it even with the please’s and thank you’s, and they’re, you know, learning to break the ice with officers and different inmates without having this persona of being a hard rock within prison, being this tough guy. It’s made an impact on them."

“If we can all change a certain few people’s attitudes, [or] not even their attitudes but just having it so people can be empathic, thinking about why this person is behaving this way and that’s on both sides. So long as that happens then slowly change will happen.”

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